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First Stop: Moore, Idaho

The road up to King Mountain, as well as King Mountain Glider Park is in Moore, Idaho.  You can camp at the Park in Moore, or at King Mountain Glider Park.  Please contact John K at King Mountain Glider Park prior to camping at his site.

When a contest is in session, the pilots meetings are usually at Moore Park.  Moore Park is located at the corner of 3150N and Main St., just off Hwy 93

GPS Coordinates:
43.73556°N 113.36694°W  or
43°44′8″N 113°22′1″W

Camping is OK at Moore Park, however, when a there is a contest going on, the electric outlets are reserved for the contest staff.  The park does have restrooms, large trees with shade, and grass for your tents.

Make sure that you pick-up after your dog!

While you are in the neighborhood, take time to check-out King Mountain Glider Park, just a little North of town.  They also have a fly-in every summer.

King Mountain Volunteers

King Mountain exists because of thousands of hours (and personal funds) donated by volunteers.  Most of the volunteers also work hard to keep other soaring sites open.  Be sure to keep that is mind as you enjoy flying at one of the greatest soaring sites in the USA.

I wish I could remember all the names of those who have volunteered over the years. I think the first year I flew King mountain was in 1999.   I will at least try to list a few names that come to me right away – I should have done this years ago.

  • Lisa
  • Connie
  • Ernie (who started this website)
  • Blaine
  • John

Oh, and a thank-you now and then doesn’t hurt.  Help keep everything running well by following the rules and respecting private property.  One  more thing – HAVE FUN!

If you have a question or want to contact us, just fill in the form to send us a message.  It may take a few days, but one of us usually get back once we get home from work or flying.

Your Webmaster - Larry Roberts

I have been flying since 1969, when I got my single engine private pilots license,  earned  my commercial, multi-engine, and instrument rating in 1970.  I flew hang gliders from 1984 to 2008.  Started flying sailplanes in 2003 and still love soaring. I have flown King Mountain in hang gliders and sailplanes – King Mt. is great for both.  I support several flying websites and love this sport.  When you fill in the contact-us form, it comes to me, I will try forward it to someone who can answer your questions.