King Mt Updates Needed

I know pilots are flying King Mountain, so can you help keep this site relevant? It has been a couple years since I have flown King, so I am out of touch. Please send updates about King Mountain or King Mountain Glider Park to me so I can keep pilots informed. Use the...

Road Conditions – Pilot Report 2018

A visiting Paraglider pilot sent me this report on the road to King Mt. 9-12-2018 – Update on road access: 2018: the ‘direct’ access from LZ’s to TO has been washed out and is NOT passable anymore! Access is now via Arco (enter the road at the...

2015 Contest T-Shirts Available

We still have 2015 t-shirts available. These could become a collector’s item. Shirts are $15 plus shipping. Shipping is estimated at $5.00 Contact Connie and order your King Mountain T-Shirt. Medium short sleeve shirts 1 small long sleeve Medium Long Sleeve...

Get Your Entries In!

Time is getting short, if you are interested in flying at the King Meet this year, make sure to get your application turned in.   Come play with us!


Did I forget to tell you about the brand new facility waiting for us this year?  New showers, a new meeting hall, still the wonderful green lawns to camp on, but the City of Moore is really taking care of us.  Come check it out!

Time to Register

Time is flying by, be sure to fill in the registration forms and mail to Connie with your check.  Don’t forget to specify your T-Shirt order.  We have had a lot of registration downloads, so this should be a fantastic soaring trip.