June 18 – 26, 2016

Attend the Annual Safari

Free event just east of Sun Valley. This years event will be held during the Summer Solstice! Longest days and cool nights with possible snow on the high peaks.

Paragliders, Hang Gliders, Sailplanes, and Self Launching Sailplanes are all welcome. Awesome glass off and cloud bases at 18,000′. Fly to Montana or Yellowstone. Wave Window. Campfire, Potlucks, Star Gazing, Hiking, Mountain Biking and Fishing. Free camping at the Glider Park. Big Air and Big Country! Lions, tigers, and bears… Oh my! Spot Locator with tracking function or equivalent required.

Call John to rsvp at (208) 407-7174.


King Mountain Glider Park

King Mountain Glider Park