Wilderness Area Expansion Includes King Mountain

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The Salmon-Challis National Forest in Idaho, which includes the King Mountain flying site, is revising its forest management plan. The new plan will recommend that certain areas be designated as wilderness and will guide resource management for the next 15 years.

King Mountain, a H4/P4 site, is located within the wilderness evaluation area. If the mountain were to be designated as a wilderness area, roads to launch would be closed and launching would be prohibited, likely ending pilots’ access to the site.

We ask that as many members as possible submit a comment to the Forest Service emphasizing the value of King Mountain as a flying site for hang gliders and paragliders. This includes road access to King Mountain launch and the airspace above the surrounding areas, including the Lost River and the Lemhi Range.

Comments were originally accepted until 1/31/2019, but now are being requested by SATURDAY 1/19/2019. Our apologies for the late notice, but please submit a comment as soon as you can, even if it is after the due date.


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1/19/2019 Saturday

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If you have any questions, please contact John Kangas, the developer of the King Mountain Glider Park, at (208) 407-7174.

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Please mention two previous precedents:

The In Southern California the Boxer-McKeon Wilderness Bill of 2008 created 470,000 acres of new wilderness in the Inyo and White Mountains, while preserving access to hang glider launches, preserving the launches (Paiute, Gunter and Gunter bail-out, Mazourka, Mt Tom, McGee) by excluding these roads and launches from the wilderness (called cherry-stemming).

In Northern CA, a few years ago, when large areas of the Mendocino National Forest became part of the Snow Mountain Wilderness Area, including the part where we had a built our (FS Service permitted) launch ramp on, St John Mountain. The hang gliding and paragliding launch areas, roads, and ramps were excluded from the Wilderness area.