Hang Gliding Contests have been discontinued.

King Mountain’s Hang Gliding contest was once the largest attended Hang Gliding Contest in the USA.  Sometimes good things come to an end. 2015 was the last year that we had a national contest.

You can still fly King Mountain! There are still many fly-ins and club visits.

King Mountain and the surrounding area is a great place to fly. All the outrageous stories about BIG AIR, Long Distances, Rowdy Conditions, and High Altitude flying are true.  Come fly, have a good time, fly safe.  Visit the area, lots of things to do.

Check out the Annual King Mountain Glider Park Fly In.

The King Mountain Annual Safari is a free event that happens every summer. All birds are welcome. Free camping, great comradery.  Sailplanes, motorized sailplanes, hang gliders,motorized hang gliders, paragliders.  They all come and fly at the Annual King Mountain Glider Park Safari.