Contest Entry Fee: $100

  • INCLUDES: T-shirt (by Dan Gravage), IHGA Membership ($25 value!), and Opening Party.
  • Other Fees:
    • Saturday night BBQ $12 per person, $5 for kids under 12.
    • Additional T-Shirts $15.00 each.


  1. RECREATION CLASS – Open to pilots who have never flown 75 miles prior to registration.
  2. OPEN CLASS – Open to all pilots. Pilots in the Recreation Class are also eligible to enter and place in the Open Class for free.
  3. TEAM CLASS – 5 members with at least one member in the recreation class. There is a charge of $5 extra for each member in the team.


  • Pilots are REQUIRED to fly with a GPS and be able to download their flight logs for Scoring.
  • Scoring is done using Google Earth and the Flytrack scoring system to verify track logs and calculate points. GPS format is DDMMMM, or Degrees, Decimal Minutes.
  • Pilots are required to fly with GPS and must turn in track logs by 9 p.m. the day of the flight.
  • If the flight of over 75 miles straight line, the GPS track may be turned in by 9 am the following morning. After that, track logs will not be accepted and no score will be recorded.


Tasks are Open Distance cross country along a declared route. While Open Distance tasks may have turnpoints, all tasks will be Open Distance and have no declared end point. Tasks with turnpoints shall be scored using a ½ mile radius around each turnpoint.
For complete information see CONTEST RULES page.