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Beautiful, Challenging Cross Country Flying

King Mountain offers sensational Cross Country, high altitude flying conditions. Guaranteed to test your skills.

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You can fly King Mountain late Spring through late summer (rules apply!) Fun place to visit, fly, fish, hike. Idaho has it all.

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King Mountain Area Information

King Mountain is located near Moore, Idaho. King is at the south end of the Lost River Range in The Lost River Valley which runs 70 miles from Arco through Moore and Mackay to Willow Creek Summit south of Challis, Idaho. The valley is 10 to 15 miles wide, bounded on both sides by mountains rising 5,000 – 6,000 feet above the valley floor (mountains tower over 12,000 feet), providing a beautiful corridor for X-C flying. They call it the Lost River for a specific reason: It does not flow into a larger stream but down into the ground. Of the twenty-five highest mountains in Idaho, twenty-four of them are located here, including Idaho’s highest peak, Mount Borah, at 12,662 feet.  Best Cross Country Soaring [read more…]

Lower Launch


2015 Hang Gliding Contest Dates

King Mt Road Sign-dates

Contest Dates – King Mt. Turn off

DATES: July 6-11, 2015

Monday July 6 through Saturday July 11, 2015

Last date to mail entry: June 27, 2015

Registration Entries are accepted on site, however, it’s better to mail in your registration so we order enough T-Shirts.

PILOT MEETING:  Moore Park no later than 8 am, Monday, July 6th.

Please plan on staying for the Saturday BBQ, be sure to sign up on your Registration Form. 

Download REGISTRATION FORMS and Rules, Routes, and Turnpoints from the Contest Registration Section or Contest Info Page
Moore Park is located at the corner of 3150N and Main St., just off Hwy 93 (GPS 43°44′8″N 113°22′1″W )

2015 Contest Entry Information

Contest Entry Fee: $100

  • INCLUDES: T-shirt (by Dan Gravage), IHGA Membership ($25 value!), and Opening Party.
  • Other Fees:
    • Saturday night BBQ $12 per person, $5 for kids under 12.
    • Additional T-Shirts $15.00 each.


  1. RECREATION CLASS – Open to pilots who have never flown 75 miles prior to registration.
  2. OPEN CLASS – Open to all pilots. Pilots in the Recreation Class are also eligible to enter and place in the Open Class for free.
  3. TEAM CLASS – 5 members with at least one member in the recreation class. There is a charge of $5 extra for each member in the team.


  • Pilots are REQUIRED to fly with a GPS and be able to download their flight logs for Scoring.
  • Scoring is done using Google Earth and the Flytrack scoring system to verify track logs and calculate points. GPS format is DDMMMM, or Degrees, Decimal Minutes.
  • Pilots are required to fly with GPS and must turn in track logs by 9 p.m. the day of the flight.
  • If the flight of over 75 miles straight line, the GPS track may be turned in by 9 am the following morning. After that, track logs will not be accepted and no score will be recorded.


Tasks are Open Distance cross country along a declared route. While Open Distance tasks may have turnpoints, all tasks will be Open Distance and have no declared end point. Tasks with turnpoints shall be scored using a ½ mile radius around each turnpoint.
For complete information see CONTEST RULES page.


March 2015 – New Web Site Launched

After much work from our volunteer webmaster, our new website was launched this month. It is a “responsive” website, so should play well with all the new and different mobile devices as well as desktop and notebook computers.  This includes Apple, Android, Windows, and all browsers (we hope).
If you experience any issues, just go to the “Map-Contact” page and let us know.

2015 Contest Registration

King Mt. Pilots Meeting in Moore Park, Idaho

King Mt. Pilots Meeting in Moore Park, Idaho


  1. Download the Registration and the Rules-Routes PDF documents.
  2. Print the Registration Forms – 4 pages.
  3. Fill out the 4 forms:
    • King Registration Form – be sure to indicate preferences, total all $$ and write a check.
    • Idaho HGA Membership & Release
    • USHPA Medical Information form
    • USHPA Release & Waiver Form
  4. Send the completed forms together with your check made out to “KING MEET” to:
    • King Meet – Connie Work
      PO Box 519
      Dunlap, CA 93621

Contest Questions?

Contact: Connie Work
Phone: 559-593-8852

King Mt area map

King Area Map – Click to view larger image.

Sparky at Lower Launch

Experience King Mountain

Paraglider pilots will love flying at King Mountain too! This place can be turbulent, so P4 pilots only please.

King Mountain Glider Park - All Birds Welcome

King Mountain Glider Park

Visit the King Mountain Glider Park website for tons of photos, maps, and additional information about flying at King Mountain and the surrounding area.

1st Rigid Wing Glider, now on 3rd Rigid Wing

I’m your Fly King Mountain webmaster, (I originally assisted Ernie) ready to fly my 1st Rigid Wing Glider.   I am now flying my 3rd rigid wing glider and I love it.

Come Fly King Mountain

Moore, Idaho