King Mountain - World Class Soaring

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Beautiful, Challenging Cross Country Flying

King Mountain offers sensational Cross Country flying conditions.
Guaranteed to test your skills.


Come Fly For Fun, Lots To Do!

You can fly King Mountain late Spring through late summer (rules apply!)
Fun place to visit, fly, fish, hike. Idaho has it all.

King Mountain, Idaho


World Class Cross Country Soaring

King Mountain provides some of the best hang gliding, paragliding and sailplane soaring and cross country flying opportunities anywhere. This area compares quite favorably with the Owens Valley Area, the White Mountains, and Southern Sierra Mountains (Southern California). This is a world class Hang Gliding and Paragliding site guaranteed to test your flying skills! There are booming thermals, outrageous turbulence, and the promise of long XC flights. It is lots of fun and superb flying in some of the most scenic mountains in the world.


King Mountain is located near Moore, Idaho.

King is at the south end of the Lost River Range in The Lost River Valley which runs 70 miles from Arco through Moore and Mackay to Willow Creek Summit south of Challis, Idaho. The valley is 10 to 15 miles wide, bounded on both sides by mountains rising 5,000 – 6,000 feet above the valley floor (mountains tower over 12,000 feet), providing a beautiful corridor for X-C flying. They call it the Lost River for a specific reason: It does not flow into a larger stream but down into the ground. Of the twenty-five highest mountains in Idaho, twenty-four of them are located here, including Idaho’s highest peak, Mount Borah, at 12,662 feet.

Lower Launch hang gliders
Hang Glider takes offon ramp at King Mountain, Idaho

Upcoming Events

2018 King Mountain Safari

King Mountain Glider Park Safari

King Mountain Glider Park Safari

2018 Safari Dates: TBD

Free event just east of Sun Valley. Long summer days and cool nights with possible snow on the high peaks.

Paragliders, Hang Gliders, Sailplanes, &
Self Launching Sailplanes are all welcome.

  • Awesome glass offs and cloud bases at and above 18,000′
  • Fly to Montana or Yellowstone
  • Wave Window
  • Campfire, Potluck dinners
  • Star Gazing, Hiking, Mountain Biking and Fishing
  • Clean air, beautiful sunsets
  • Come to King Mountain!

Free camping at the Glider Park. Big Air and Big Country! Spot Locator, Delorme Inreach with tracking function or equivalent required. (This is big country and cell phones coverage is sparse. Your radio has little coverage at ground level).

Contact John via his website

Visit Events Page

Other News

2017 Total Eclipse “Fly In”

Total Eclipse-Aug 21, 2017Total Eclipse of the Sun: Aug 21 , 2017

There will be a total eclipse of the Sun on August 21, 2017, it will pass over King Mountain, Idaho area at 11:32 AM.  Many hang glider and paraglider pilots are planning to make a road trip to fly for a few days and camp here to experience the Total Eclipse.

A total solar eclipse happens every 18 months.  HOWEVER, only a very small part of earth can see the eclipse from the the ground, so they seem rare.

The last eclipse to travel across the USA happened in June 1918. Don’t Miss This One.

Check out the video links to view the path of the Eclipse.  Most hotels are SOLD OUT along the path, so plan NOW.

Total Solar Eclipse Fly Along View

Total Solar Eclipse You Tube

We have heard  that pilots from Sylmar (Los Angeles, CA), Wings of Rigollo (San Jose, CA),, MCHGA (Marin Hang Gliding Association), and Sonoma Wings (Santa Rosa, CA) are planning to make the trip.  It should be epic.  What an experience.

Yours truly, the webmaster will probably not be making the trek to King Mountain this summer, (last summer in late June was great), but we can at least keep the website up to date.   Those who are thinking of camping and using King Mountain Glider Park should contact John Kangas.

Contact John via his website

Soar high, soar far, and have fun.

King Mt area map

King Area Map – Click to view larger image.

Sparky at Lower Launch

Experience King Mountain

Paraglider pilots will love flying at King Mountain too! This place can be turbulent, so P4 pilots only please.
King Mountain Glider Park - All Birds Welcome

King Mountain Glider Park

Visit the King Mountain Glider Park website for tons of photos, maps, and additional information about flying at King Mountain and the surrounding area.
1st Rigid Wing Glider, now on 3rd Rigid Wing

I’m Larry-pilot your Fly King Mountain webmaster, I worked with Ernie on the original website. In the above photo I am  ready to fly my 1st Rigid Wing Glider, an ATOS B at Hull Mt.   I am now flying my 3rd rigid wing glider, a Schleicher ASG-29, and I love it’s 50 to 1 glide ratio.

Come Fly King Mountain

Moore, Idaho