King Mountain
Hang Gliding Championships

2014 King Mountain Contest - by Dan Gravage

2014 King Mountain Contest - Design by Dan Gravage

2014 Contest Dates: July 7-12, 2014

The contest is over, you missed it this year.

Registration packets

Download the 2014 King Full Packet (Adobe PDF 13 pages - 340KB)

If you just need part of the forms, visit the Registration Forms Page to download the registration and release forms; contest rules, Contest Routes and GPS waypoints (turnpoints) information.

Contest duration: Mon. July 7 thru Sat. July 12, 2014

If you plan on staying for the Saturday BBQ, be sure to sign up and pay on your Registration Form.

Contest Director: Connie Work


Tasks are Open Distance cross country along a declared route. While Open Distance tasks may have turnpoints, all tasks will be Open Distance and have no declared end point. Tasks with turnpoints shall be scored using a ½ mile radius around each turnpoint. (see Contest Rules page for complete rules.)


Contest Entry Fee: $100

  • INCLUDES: T-shirt (by Dan Gravage), IHGA Membership ($25 value!), and Opening Party.
  • Other Fees
    • Saturday night BBQ $12 per person, $5 for kids under 12
    • Additional T-Shirts $15.00 each


  • RECREATION CLASS - Open to pilots who have never flown 75 miles prior to registration.
  • OPEN CLASS - Open to all pilots. Pilots in the Recreation Class are also eligible to enter and place in the Open Class for free.
  • TEAM CLASS - 5 members with at least one member in the recreation class. There is a charge of $5 extra for each member in the team.


Pilots are REQUIRED to fly with a GPS and be able to download their flight logs for Scoring.

We will be using Google Earth and the Flytrack scoring system to verify track logs and calculate points. GPS format is DDMMMM, or Degrees, Decimal Minutes. Pilots are required to fly with GPS. Pilots must turn in track logs by 9 p.m. the day of the flight. If the flight of over 75 miles straight line, the GPS track may be turned in by 9 am the following morning. After that, track logs will not be accepted and no score will be recorded. Please turn in your GPS tracks as soon as possible.


See Contest Rules page.


  • Recreation Class: Trophies to the top 3 places
  • Open Class: Trophies to the top 3 places
  • Team Award: Trophies to first place Team
  • Sportsmanship Award: Awarded to an individual who makes a selfless contribution to the Meet or to their fellow competitors.
  • Eiji Yokoda Memorial Trophy: This trophy was created by Jimmy Pricer to honor our friend and fellow pilot, Eiji Yokoda. Awarded each year to the pilot who has the longest flight at the King Mountain Hang Gliding Championships. This is a traveling trophy and the winner must return the trophy to the Meet each year.
  • Driver Award: This award goes to the driver who picks up the most pilots during the entire meet. Drivers must submit a form after picking up their pilots each day.



  1. Got to the REGISTRATION FORMS page, Download and print your forms.
  2. Fill out the Registration, Release, and Medical forms.
  3. Send the completed forms together with your check
    made out to "2014 King Meet" to:

    2014 King Meet – Connie Work
    PO Box 519
    Dunlap, CA 93621

Contest Questions?

Contact: Connie Work
Phone: 559-593-8852


King Mountain Glider Park Safari - the week after the Hang Gliding Contest

The "Safari" is scheduled for July 13-20, 2014. It is open to "ALL BIRDS", so come for the Fly King Mountain Hang Gliding Contest, and then attend the Safari so you can fly for 2 weeks.

Safari is listed on the USHPA site calendar, I am sure that John K will update his website soon.



About King Mountain - Idaho

King Mountain Hang Gliding and Paragliding events, notably the King Mountain Hang Gliding Championships, are permitted to operate under a special use permit by the Salmon-Challis National Forest.

King Mountain is located near Moore, Idaho, at the south end of the Lost River Range (See Map) in an area that compares quite favorably with California's Owens Valley.

There are mountain ranges towering over 12,000 ft. above the 5,000 ft. valleys; booming thermals; strong turbulence; and the promise of long XC flights.

This is a world class Hang Gliding and Paragliding site guaranteed to test your flying skills. It is challenging, lots of fun, with superb flying in some of the most scenic mountains in the world.

King Mountain is a very dynamic Hang-4 site in thermal or high wind conditions. Hang 3's can fly if assisted by experienced teammate H-4/5 pilots, preferably people who have multiple years flying here.

See more information on the King Information and the Rules page.

Largest Hang Gliding Competition in the U.S.A.

King Mountain attracts glider pilots from all over the world. Every summer from 80 to 125 pilots come to fly the annual King Mountain contest.

Is this your year? Remember, this is an advanced flying site with booming thermals and strong turbulence that will test your skills.



Sorry, but no dogs will be allowed in set up areas or on either launch. An official pooper-scooper, rubber gloves and baggies will be left at the Moore Park. Pet owners are asked to respect the citizens of Moore and other competitors by picking up after their dogs.

Where to stay: Lodging & Recreation page for a list of Hotels and Campgrounds.


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